First Snow.

IMG_7142You just never know what you’re going to see in NYC. It’s the most random, spontaneous, mind boggling city to live in, which is exactly the reason I love it. Walk anywhere and you’ll find an instagrammable moment – shameless plug: (#emptynestnyc).

When I first moved here, I couldn’t quite get the hang of doing errands. I refused to push one of those old lady carts around, so it made hunting and gathering a challenge. Several months later I realize I was looking at it from the wrong perspective. When I lived in the suburbs, I would try and do most of my errands in one day. Of course, having a car made that possible. Now, I spread the “to do” list out across the week and make sure to include a little fun in every trip. It takes a bit more time and organization, but it keeps me from looking like a bag lady, and my daily steps are off the charts. However, I was in Home Depot the other day, and this might be in my purchasing future due to inclement weather ahead.

I went to the Louis Vuitton exhibit on Friday. I thought it would be all about handbags and fashion, and of course, it was about both of those, but what was surprising was that it was a look back in time at the history of luxury travel – my all time favorite thing to do! Who knew the founder of LV started a movement? Check it out, it runs until January 7th, it’s free, and they give you a gift when you leave. You can make a reservation, but when I went (late afternoon), we walked right in. They also have a fantastic gift shop where I picked up an LV Tour Guide – Tokyo Edition for my cocktail table.

I walked from my apartment to the exhibit in the name of exercise and restaurant scouting. I was happy to become reacquainted with a treasured spot I totally forgot about! That can easily happen in NYC as there is a new place opening every day. This gem is called Tiny’s and in addition to being tiny and cozy it has a wood burning fireplace in the little back room. I’ll be there this winter for sure.

On my walk, I also made sure to stop at the Etsy Holiday Pop Up Shop in Nolita. I found a hand knit skinny scarf – very hygge that I will wear all winter and a few special handmade ornaments I’ll be gifting to friends this year. Walking down lower Broadway, I was reminded of one of my favorite places to buy gifts all year round: Artists & Fleas.

I walked past the Nike store on Broadway and found a major arts and crafts session going on. Buy a pair of AF-1 kicks and you get to hand dye and bedazzle them. It looked like Santa’s workshop from the window.

In anticipation of the first night of Chanukah on Tuesday, I stopped into my all time favorite guilty pleasure, Breads Bakery to taste test their sufganiyot (Hebrew for the best donut you ever ate). They have lemon, strawberry and chocolate. My taste test started with the lightest and I worked my way up to the darkest and could have kept going. I will be purchasing these all week and eating them with wild holiday abandon. And in case you were wondering what they are preparing for Christmas, I caught a glimpse of their chocolate babka Christmas tree – it’s a thing.


Oh and the first snow reference in the title of this blog post…it was magic.


Thanks for reading. It’s Sunday brunch time and there’s a big world outside waiting.

Have Fun. Be Bold.


One thought on “First Snow.

  1. So fun to read this! Can’t wait until I can WALK the streets of NYC with you again someday! Happy Chanukah and merry Christmas ❌✡️❌🌲‼️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


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