Baby it’s cold outside.


I wasn’t expecting the arctic blast that settled in the city this week. Somehow, in my mind, I thought it was going to be sunny and 40 until April. But winter is here, and one can no longer walk outside without accoutrement. I will be looking to up my hat and glove game in the days to come.

I kicked off the week with a favorite thing that I rarely get to do. While living in Japan, I became a fan of all things spa related including the Korean scrub. When I moved back to the US, I found that very few of my American friends wanted to go. It’s not that American’s don’t like spa treatments, most of my friends do. It’s that you have to be naked in front of one another for an extended period, and at our emptynest age, most friends would rather not. Luckily, I found a few that were up for the adventure, and we went to Juvenex Spa a very authentic scrub spot in Korea town. Our package consisted of sauna, steam, onsen, cold plunge, an intense full-body scrub and a 1/2 hour massage all for an amount less than a regular massage at a high-end spa would cost. You walk outside two hours later rubbing your skin because you can’t believe how soft you are. No Korean scrub experience would be complete without beer and bbq, so we walked down the block to Kang Ho Dong Kaekjeong my all-time favorite place to grill meat and wrap it in lettuce. The veggie side dishes are so extraordinary; I can even bring vegetarians.


Tuesday was the first night of Chanukah, and instead of cooking we went out to Russ and Daughters Cafe Many readers may be familiar with their amazing fish store, but this is the cafe. It was a bit challenging for my non-Jewish husband to find something to eat for dinner as most of the menu tends towards “breakfast for dinner,” but in the end, he found a delicious brisket sandwich. The potato latkes were on point, as were the blintzes and noodle kugel.

As I’ve mentioned before, the move to NYC required finding new “people” from doctors to cobblers, and today I’d like to give a shout out to Preston at Bloom Beauty Lounge. I often tell my husband that if I don’t get my hair dyed every four weeks, he’ll be sleeping with grandma, so it was important for me to find someone who was really good at what they did and the salon was reasonably priced. I’m thrilled with my new hair, and the fact that it’s within walking distance is a bonus for my steps!

I’m a huge Broadway fan and have been since I can remember. A few years ago, I started buying four tickets to shows I thought would be hot. My thought was to sell two tickets at a high price to pay for my tickets and dinner. I’ve almost always made money, and usually (Hamilton) a lot of money. Besides the Harry Potter tickets, I’ve already purchased, two shows that will open this spring that might be interesting to movie fans are Mean Girls and Pretty Woman. It’s still early days and tickets are available directly from the links above at face value pricing.

A highlight of the week was a cozy lunch at Margaux in the Marlton Hotel. The hotel is steps from Washington Square Park and has a very old world feel. When you walk through the hotel doors, you find a lovely lounge with a wood burning fireplace conveniently located next to the bar. I have plans to return to sit and write with a glass of cabernet.

The weekend ended outside of the city, back in Westchester surrounded by friends and family to celebrate the holiday season. Even though I absolutely enjoy my new life in the city, I’ll always be connected to the people I love in the suburbs, and will hop on the Metro-North any time I’m invited.

Time to pour a glass of wine and order from seamless.

Have fun. Be Bold.



One thought on “Baby it’s cold outside.

  1. We stayed at The Marlton when we were last in NY. Had a very pleasant dinner at Margeaux one night – and we really loved the ‘private club’ feel. It was a great location for me (first timer in NYC) – we walked absolutely everywhere! Cannot wait to return – loved your article as we swelter in the heat in Sydney! Yxx


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