New Year. More Fun.


The instagram pic above was where Tom and I started 2018. We put on some sparkle and velvet and went head first into the new year. It was our very first New Year’s as NYC residents; there was no way we were staying home. A few months ago, I read about a new spot in the West Village Air’s Champagne Parlor that was serving amazing bubbles at great prices, and as a bonus, there was a cool Japanese Izakaya in the basement: Tokyo Record Bar. I got an email from Air’s in the beginning of December about their New Year’s Eve party. I made a reservation, and we went. We were the oldest by far, but after a few glasses and a heaping plate of potato chips with creme fraiche and caviar, we were well on our way to making new (millennial) friends. Tom learned how to Champbong and earned his first hangover in decades. I will definitely return to Air’s and look forward to one day getting a reservation on resy for Tokyo Record Bar.

The week before Christmas was a busy one for #emptynestnyc and I found myself saying YES to anyone who wanted to eat, drink and get into the holiday spirit. There was a divine lunch at Indian Accent which has got to be the best Indian food in NYC. Like me, you might need an explanation of every dish, but it is well worth it. Go at lunch as the prix fixe is a deal. I enjoyed a fabulous dinner with friends from Tokyo at Maialino, Danny Meyer’s delicious Italian restaurant in Gramercy Park, and holiday cocktails with Tom’s friends from work at Dear Irving. We sat in the 19th-century Parisian room (look closely at the wallpaper if you happen to visit). I want to go back and have a drink in all the different rooms. I love the button next to your table that you push when you need another drink. It’s the best kind of magic!

My annual holiday “Office Party” (the quotes are because I really don’t have an office, it’s just another excuse for my friends and me to celebrate another year of friendship) was at Del Posto in the Meatpacking District. It is over the top in every way, and I enjoyed everything I ate. And the holiday season would not be complete without family brunch! We double-brunched it Christmas weekend starting with Lafayette in Nolita on Saturday and Upland on Sunday. And lastly, there was our annual family tradition of eating at Mr. Chow on December 23rd. My obsession with fried seaweed continues.

This year, #emptynestnyc is going to look for a JOB so I can help pay for all my adventures. Stay tuned for what I imagine will be comical anecdotes.

Here’s to a new year of fun seeking in the best city in the world.

Have fun. Be Bold.


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