Hello Monday!


Friday afternoon, Tom texted and asked, “What are we up to this weekend?” My response: “What are we NOT up to is the question.” I do try to pack as much as possible into non-football watching weekends. After work on Friday, we had a quiet dinner in front of a wood burning fireplace in Tribeca at a place I’ve mentioned in the blog before, Tiny’s. Romantic it was, but the food was just meh, and I don’t love eating ok meals in a city where you don’t have to do that. We finished off the night watching Get Out. I’ve wanted to see this movie for a while, but I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to scary movies. I got over my fear and was absolutely riveted. I totally get why Daniel Kaluuya was nominated for an Academy Award.

Saturday started early at Soho House for brunch with friends. We aren’t members, but it was lovely to be invited. They have a gorgeous spread in a beautiful room – I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity to go. It was a warmish day in NYC, so we decided to walk the Highline up to Jacob Javits on 34th. The Highline is beautiful no matter what time of year, and they always have new art installations. Walking north from 14th is like fast-forwarding through time. You start in the Meatpacking District where landmark buildings have been faithfully restored, and then you smack right into the dystopian future of Hudson Yards.


Our destination was the New York Times Travel Show at Jacob Javits. I’m travel obsessed and always in search of the next best thing. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it at the travel show, but I did find these guys from the DR.


We did a quick walk through the convention and decided it was time to leave, and eat again. The sun was out, and I immediately thought picnic. Back down in our Gramercy neighborhood, I grabbed a sandwich “to go” at Daily Provisions The line was obscene. I try only to go there mid-week when the lines are manageable, but their sandwiches are so good, and I was craving the Milanese. If you go and plan on bringing your sandwich to a picnic (Union Square Park is two blocks away), I would suggest you ask them to cut your sandwich and make sure to bring extra napkins. They are delicious but messy.

I was very excited about our Saturday night plans. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to go to the Metrograph for some time, but couldn’t find a movie I felt both Tom and I would enjoy. The Metrograph is a very unique place to see old films. You feel like you’ve entered a theater you might find back in the ’20’s in New York City. You can eat dinner before or after a show, upstairs in The Commissary and then have a coffee in the lobby lounge before you go inside. And the candy selections are unparalleled!

The movie I chose was called Savage Grace. I’d never heard of the movie, but it starred Juliane Moore and a very young Eddy Redmayne, so that was good enough for me. After a very nice meal, we arrived to find a full house as it was the 10th anniversary of the film, and the director, producers, and cinematographer were all in attendance for a post film Q&A. I had no idea that was a part of the $15 ticket, so it was an extra special treat. I probably should have read the movie synopsis beforehand, but let’s just say it DEFINITELY wasn’t a boring film. And finding out afterward that it was a true story sort of blew our minds. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. I’m thinking of buying the book for a deeper dive.

Sunday was a rainy day, and we could have easily stayed in PJ’s and watched more movies, but I had promised a friend who just opened a new restaurant on the Lower East Side that we would come for brunch and try his food. It’s called Brigitte, and it is a sweet little French restaurant on the fringes of the LES. It’s French, but not fussy and the staff couldn’t have been friendlier. We enjoyed our meal and will return and try dinner next time. No matter how many times I go to the Lower East Side, I can never figure out where I am. Navigation is not a skill I have, yet you’d think after going many times, I’d figure it out. Nope, it kicks my butt every time. For example, the restaurant was literally around the corner from both my son’s apartment and the Metrograph from the night before, and I had no idea until after I arrived. C’est la vie. I look forward to spending more time in that part of the city as it’s a treasure trove of discoveries. I see many spring weekends in my future getting happily lost.

One last note, a highlight of my week was a literal fireside chat with a friend in the lobby bar of The Marlton Hotel. Several hours passed, as did glasses of wine and a large plate of very good french fries, before I realized it was time to go home and make dinner. It’s a fabulous place to spend an afternoon with a friend, or with their free wireless access.

Enjoy your week! Have fun. Be bold.





2 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Hi there,

    I am Kylies friend and love reading your blog. Are you friends with Mary Beth Harvey too? I see in your last post that you live near Gramercy. So do I. Love to grab coffee and finally meet you….sometime this winter. Thanks Lisa


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