It’s My EmptyNestiversary!

The anniversary art Tom and I bought for each other this month. It’s a significant change from the Asian-focused art we usually buy. We think it perfectly illustrates the new chapter in our lives.

It’s hard to fathom that it’s been a year since we became empty nesters, and moved back into the city. In some ways, it feels like we’ve lived here forever, and yet I still pinch myself knowing I get to call NYC my home. I’ve learned more in the past twelve months about myself than I learned in the five years prior. And that is because I grow the most when I’m in a changing environment. When things are unknown, when my curiosity is at its peak, I expand and stretch. Since I started this blog, I’ve written about finding new friends, adapting to a new set of family parameters (aka squeezing six large people into a two bedroom at Christmas), looking for meaningful work, running errands without looking like a bag lady, and other assorted empty nester challenges. I’ve learned a lot since last July…

  1. Love is actually all around. No day goes by that I don’t see people hugging and kissing.
  2. Comfortable, cute shoes are a must. If you find a pair you love, buy three.
  3. July 4th is the best traffic-free day. You can drive from downtown and make every light.
  4. Bicycles are more dangerous than cars. Look both ways, then look again.
  5. Focus on the sidewalk when walking – there is dog poop everywhere.
  6. When it rains, $5 umbrellas magically appear on every corner.
  7. Everyone walks and texts.
  8. In winter, don’t leave the apartment without gloves and a hat.
  9. It’s impossible to keep up with every new restaurant and bar that opens in NYC, but there are some incredible ways to try: The Infatuation Eater Time Out NY Times
  10. There is nothing you can’t get in NYC (and usually at any time).

This weeks new restaurant recommendation: Yakitori Nonono loved everything! Make a reservation because it’s new and popular. Would be an excellent place for a group. Perfect sharing menu.

Can’t wait to see what year two brings!

Have fun. Be bold.



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