Shall We Play A Game?

I married into a family of game players. Many of my best summer memories were spent around the dining room table at “The Hideout” in Plum Beach, Rhode Island playing Tripoli and Contact Rummy with my in-laws. The games would go on into the early hours and would be discussed at the breakfast table the next day over custom designed pancakes. For me, summer weekends and games go together like lobsters and drawn butter; you would never consider one without the other.

However, it’s 2018, and the games have changed. Maybe it’s because 50 is the new 35, but many of our weekend games are more physical than those of yesteryear. Yes, we still play cards (although now, it’s strictly Hearts), and there is always a few rounds of Spoons, but all the hours everyone spends at the gym (I don’t include myself here) now pay off in spades. Our current favorite is the Bag game. I first played the game in Mexico when it was introduced by one of my best friends who lives in Chicago. The concept is simple:

1. Place a paper shopping bag on the floor.

2. The first player picks it up with their mouth (without using anything but their mouth – no hands on the floor (see above pics) and then rips a piece off the bag.

3. Continue with each player, biting and ripping, until the bag is the size of an index card. Anyone who falls or touches the floor is out.

4. You can end the game early if you are willing to eat the paper after picking it up. Yes, this has been done in the past (I’m talking about you Gina).

I promise lots of laughs, great photos, and a full pulled hamstrings.

August 1 is two days away, and I wanted to update you on my Summer To Do List.  I’m proud to say that I’m halfway there!

  1. Get tickets for Shakespeare in the Park and get them the old-fashioned way by arriving with a cup of coffee and waiting in line at 7:45 in the morning.
  2. Go to Tipsy Scoop and eat ice cream infused with alcohol. 
  3. Read Convenience Store Woman because the subject completely fascinates me. 
  4. Eat at the Queens Night Market on a Saturday night.
  5. Swing and drink rose with girlfriends at The Rose Mansion.
  6. Take the Ferry to the new Domino Park and have a picnic and run through the fountains.
  7. Go to The Little One and eat kakegori (Japanese shaved ice). 
  8. Much to Tom’s dismay, go hang out on the boardwalk at Coney Island.
  9. Walk across The Brooklyn Bridge (I admit, I’ve NEVER done it).
  10. Spend a night glamping on Governor’s Island Collective Resorts.

I have to admit that not everything has been awesome (you can skip number 7) It looks much better than it tastes.


I highly recommend number 5. Drinking rose while taking fun pictures with girlfriends is as fun as it sounds.

Have fun. Be bold.






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