You Can’t Go Home Again…

because you might find they sold it off and made it into condos.


This was Open House NYC Weekend a three-day event “providing broad audiences with unparalleled access to the extraordinary architecture of New York.” Sites ranged from the UN to the Woolworth Building to the Montauk Club where Tom and I were married in 1990. We were living in Park Slope at the time and walked by the building twice a day to and from the subway. One day we knocked on the door and asked if we could come in. What we found was a little bit of magic. The club was originally built as a private men’s club in 1891, and pretty much nothing had changed since then. We fell in love with it on the spot. But we’d never been back. Until today.

The front door knocker at the Montauk Club

As I stood in line with the other visitors, I took out the small framed photo I brought with me to confirm which balcony was the scene of our famous wedding kiss. I was very excited to recreate it. It was pretty strange going inside; the room where we took the wedding pictures in front of the fireplace remained intact –


and yet the room where we had the cocktail hour was cut in half by renovations in the mid-90’s when they moved rooms around after selling most of the club to a developer to make into condos. The main staircase still goes up to the floor where we had the reception, but if you continue up to the third floor, you hit a wall and a faux rail. It was sad to see what the membership agreed to do to save a small part of the original club. Tom and I tried hard to retrace our steps and find the brownstone we lived in – to no avail. It was in 1989, and we only lived in Park Slope for one year and never returned.

Friday night we took the NYC Ferry from East 34th street over to DUMBO during sunset


to see Oklahoma at St. Ann’s Warehouse one of my favorite theaters to see an Off-Broadway show. They had completely changed the theater to look like a farm circa 1900 – the first row was picnic tables – and they served chili and cornbread at the intermission. If you see a show here, come early and sit in the lobby and have a drink or a snack at Bar Jolie (provided by Vinegar Hill House). The show was jam-packed with celebs including James Franco (check out Tom’s selfie – two rows back in the mustache), Katie Couric and every veteran of Law and Order SVU.

Saturday night we went out for dinner with friends in the West Village. I love Chinese food, but I don’t usually go on the weekend nights because of the fluorescent lights and the fast service. However, that’s not the case at Hao Noodle and Tea. They have excellent, authentic food, a full bar, and a nice atmosphere.

Have I mentioned I’m so excited that fall is here? Busy week ahead!

Have fun. Be bold.




One thought on “You Can’t Go Home Again…

  1. Great to catch up last night with you and Tom. Just checked that The Jungle (the play) is on at St Ann’s Warehouse! There you go. I’m keen to go so if you want to join us let me know a date that suits you and I’ll get some tickets. Cheers Wx

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