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Hot Sweaty Mess

Summer in the city is comprised of many short jaunts from one air conditioned venue to another, intermingled with cold showers. It hasn't stopped me from getting out, and doing interesting and delicious things, but I have to admit my steps are down and my Arro, Uber, and Lyft payments are way up. I tell ...


Happy Marriage: Free Advice

On Saturday night, my niece Spencer got married at The Liberty Warehouse, the most spectacular location for a wedding on a beautiful summer night. At this time in my life, weddings are a time for reflection on my marriage, as well as on the overall idea of marriage as I look to the future for my ...


Just When You’re Comfortable In Your Own Skin, It Starts to Sag

  Great title, right? I agree, but it's not mine. It's the title of a new book, just out from the dynamic duo Amy Nobile and Trisha Ashworth. If you haven't read one of their previous books (also with amazing titles) I Was A Really Great Mom Until I Had Kids, and I'd Trade My Husband ...