I’m Not Feeling It


I’ve been looking for my next big thing since January, and it’s been quite the learning experience. First was the resume creation, which in and of itself was humbling; you have to come face to face with what you’ve actually been doing (and sometimes not doing) over the course of your so-called life. Next up was asking the actual question – What is it you really want to do? That question stopped me where I stood, and to this day it’s an evolving answer. And then there was the dreaded headshot for the Linkedin profile. The woman who worked on my resume recommended I upload a few photos to the crowdsourcing website Photofeeler  The big idea behind the site is that you upload a picture (you specify whether it will be used for social purposes (dating) or professional (getting a job)). Then, other users give their honest opinions of your picture. The first photo I uploaded was me smiling right at the camera.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 8.34.16 PM

This picture yielded comments like “Would prefer if they were smiling a bit less,” and “I think it would be better as a social picture.” My likable score was 82%! But my influential score was 25%. Not great for getting a job. I uploaded a new pic.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 8.34.25 PM

“They seem a little arrogant.” My likable score dropped to 51%! My influential score was now a whopping 45%. I didn’t use either and opted to upload a professional photo I used for a weekly column I wrote several years ago. The problem was, it wasn’t representative of how I felt about myself today. So, when the opportunity for free headshots presented itself, I jumped! The photographer would take headshots for free in return for helping out with the promotion of a new book (more on that in another blog entry). The picture was taken in a Soho coffee shop during the weekday morning buzz and chatter. I was completely mortified, and as a result, the muscles in my face decided to play games. It was an embarrassing 15 minutes, but I’m happy with the results. This looks and feels more like me today.

Ok, enough. Let’s talk food and fun. This week I struck gold while walking in the West Village. Tom and I passed by a cute little Thai spot with a sign out front that said Garden Open. The food was so authentic at Pinto Garden, and the garden was lovely, I made reservations for dinner in a few weeks. And if you are a banana pudding fan, all I can say is that it’s the best one I’ve ever eaten. And it comes in a Chinese takeout container. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Just go.


I ate ramen twice this week. Once at Ivan Ramen. I met Ivan Orkin in Tokyo and first ate his unique style of ramen in Japan. I enjoyed his spicy bowl of noodles on the LES and will return to try more of the menu. I find it very funny that you can make a reservation at a ramen shop. I’m sure anyone from Japan would agree.


The second bowl I ate was the Tan Tan Men at Naruto Ramen. Tan tan is my favorite type of ramen, and yet it’s not often found at NYC ramen shops. If you haven’t tried it, you need to.


I enjoy spending time with people decades older than me because they are wise and have no filter – which makes the conversation both enlightening and entertaining. That is exactly the way I felt sitting in the 92nd Street Y audience listening to Iris Apfel talk about her new book. She’s 96 and smart as a whip. Her memory is sharper than mine, and her life, especially the last fifteen years, is inspirational. I left the theater with renewed energy and a few added items on my personal to-do list. One of her quips I just love, “If you’re not interested, you’re not interesting.”


Extra things I did this week: Saw Saint Joan on Broadway (I would PASS). Finally saw Come From Away (Amazing. I want to go again). Emptied my closets and stored eight large cartons of my kid’s memorabilia at Manhattan Mini Storage which felt great. The clerk asked if I had insurance for my possessions. I told her they were both worthless and priceless and completely uninsurable. I also don’t plan to see them again. I put the names of my two oldest children down on the list of people who can access my storage locker. I’ll make sure to put the keys and the address in my will. It feels good to purge.

This is me up on the ladder very early Saturday morning trying to figure out the lock.


My empty nest is about to get a hell of a lot less empty with the return of my two college kids this week. I’m going to stock up at Morton and Williams Liquor.

Have fun. Be bold.





2017 Debris


This was a tough week to be a NYC resident. With temps in the single digits and the windchill off the charts, it made getting out a drag. Layering up to walk to the subway and then spending the next three stops pulling everything off wasn’t fun. Not to mention EVERYONE on the train has the sniffles. Do you think people would take it personally if I brought a big box of Kleenex and started handing them out? I’m considering it. The cold weather coupled with the frozen remnants of the recent holiday season littered on the streets made for a melancholy week. It might also have something to do with everyone going back to college. I like an empty nest that has a few feathers in it. One of my birds returns today. Ok, enough about that, on to the FUN.

Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing Once On This Island . A good friend of mine from Tokyo who now lives in Australia is one of the producers, and they were able to arrange for house tickets. The show is at The Circle in the Square Theater, which is one of the best theaters to see a performance. You feel like you are a part of the production and it’s especially true with this show. When you arrive, the stage is literally alive, with actors, a rooster, a goat and a flowing river. The actors interact with the crowd before the show starts and it really “sets the stage” for a wonderful evening. The 90 minute, no intermission show flies by. The music and dancing are hypnotic and it feels like a Caribbean version of the Lion King. I had a fun celebrity spotting in the lobby: Mary Louise Parker who looked fabulous by the way. Before the show, we went to one of my favorite pre-theater restaurants, Pure Thai Cookhouse It’s incredibly good, incredibly cheap and perfect for a quick dinner. No reservations and there is usually a line, but fortunately, you can pop next door at the corner Mexican restaurant for a drink while you wait.

I love discovering “new” places in my neighborhood that of course have been there long before I arrived. The other day, while sitting in the window at my favorite hole in wall/totally authentic Japanese lunch spot Ennju I looked up to find a small restaurant called Laut, a Cambodian, Singaporean, Thai restaurant. I’m not usually a fan of blended cuisines, but after googling it, I found it’s a Michelin starred restaurant with a very friendly price point. Tom and I took our girls Saturday night and it was not only delicious, but it also had a great vibe and fun drinks. We’ll go back for sure.

Today, the weather forecast is for temps above freezing and some snow. I’m planning to walk downtown to the The Marlton Hotel to join a friend to sit in front of the fire to “work” and catch up. Thankfully, NYC is full of warm and cozy spots to get out of the cold.

Until next week!

Have fun. Be Bold.